Disposing of Sharps discarded needle and syringe

Your local UFS Pharmacy can safely dispose of sharps for you. Please return sharps in an appropriate sharps disposal unit (available for purchase from UFS Pharmacies).

If you find a discarded needle or syringe

  • Do not be alarmed
  • Get a rigid-walled, puncture resistant, plastic container with a well-secured lid, preferably screw top. Avoid using glass which can shatter, aluminium that can be squashed or frosted plastic that may not be puncture-proof.
  • Bring the container to the needle and syringe, and place on the ground next to the needle and syringe. Do not hold the container as you are putting the syringe in it.
  • Pick up the used needle and syringe by the blunt end, away from the point. Do not touch the sharp point.
  • Do not try to put the plastic protective cap back on a needle if it has been removed.
  • Put the needle and syringe, point first into the container. More than one needle and syringe can be placed in the container, but do not overfill. Do not carry the needle and syringe unless it is in a suitable container.
  • Make sure the container is tightly sealed.
  • Take the container to a Pharmacy or other facility with a sharps disposal unit. Do not put needles and syringes down toilets, in recycling bins or post boxes

If someone is injured by a discarded needle and syringe, do not panic. Take reasonable care and follow these steps:

  • Wash the area gently with soap and running tap water as soon as possible.
  • Apply an antiseptic and a clean dressing.
  • Obtain prompt medical advice from your local doctor or hospital emergency department, preferably within 24 hours.
  • Use the above steps to dispose of the needle safely.

* Information sourced from Safe Disposal of Syringes from the WA Government website.