Why Do Prescriptions Take 15 Minutes Or So?

Once a prescription is presented for dispensing, there are a set of procedures that need to be followed.

This includes recording all relevant details such as name, address, Medicare card number, pension number, etc. The patient's history needs to be checked to ensure there are no interactions with other medications or conditions and there are no allergies to any prescribed medications.

The dose must be checked to make sure it's safe and appropriate for the patient.

It then must be entered into the computer and all appropriate information added to the patient’s history. If there are any problems, the prescribing doctor must be contacted to discuss the situation.

The product must then be selected and labelled with all relevant information. (e.g. refrigerate etc.) Some prescriptions also require further paperwork to be completed.

The finished prescription is then checked again before handing out. Often, particularly at busy times of the day or year, prescriptions will take longer than ten minutes.